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WordPress websites earn you huge money by leveraging your business to the heights that’s why they remain on the constant threat from hackers. Success brings along envious haters who try to reduce visitors on your site and thwart your search engine rankings. So, your WordPress website needs protection, we provide professional the trusted security services and secure WordPress websites for our customers.

Our security experts have full hands-on evaluating and solving DNS issues, WHOIS, SSL, FTP, Malware, Spam, blacklisting and many other issues.

wordpress security services
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How to Know your WordPress Website is Hacked?

You will face a little bit errors and difficulty while using your website. If so, it means your website is hacked; but do not worry! This is the time you need our help (WordPress security services). Our team is crackerjack in reverting hackers attempts back to them and fetching back the hacked websites.

  • Can’t Login to your WP site
  • Redirecting to Another Website (link)
  • WordPress Website is Down
  • Homepage is Showing Some Message
  • Google is Marking your Website Insecure
  • Website is not Resulting Even after Browsing with Full URL

Our WordPress Security Services Includes

login page security

Login Page Security

The wp-admin directory is common and easily accessible, we change it to an anonymous URL which makes it more secure and hard to find.
hiding plugins

Directory Browsing Hiding

In an attempt to secure wordpress website, we hide all the theme, plugins, databases and the users directories which makes it more tougher for attackers.
brute force attack security

Brute Force Attack Safety

We make the passwords lengthy and strong with the different encryption algorithms, and the block the IPs to avoid any kind of loss in case of brute-force attack.
hiding plugins

Hiding Plugins

The weak and common plugins are the blessings for the hackers. We hide all the plugins names to avoid any kind of clue.
database security

Database Security

We keep any eye on the database tables on daily basis. The consistent cleanup is a strong indication towards the security measures.
dns, whois

DNS, WHoIs, SSL Encryption

SSL integration, DNS and WhoIs Lookup information protection is ensured to avoid any security hole.
malware removal

Malware Removal

We integrate the firewall which protects the website from anymalware in the shape of spam comments and emails.
wp directories security

WP Directories Security

All the WordPress directories including .htaccess, wp-config and other directories are completely protected in our WordPress security services.
hacked website recovery

Hacked Website Recovery

If your WordPress website is hacked, don't worry, TechUP Solutions are here to recover it back for you.
files security

Files Security

The CSS, JS, login, registration, and other files will be completely hidden.
ddos attack

DDOS Attack Protection

Set up unmetered DDoS mitigation to maintain performance and availability. Prevent data breach and stop attacks in minutes with our easy cloud solution
2 terms authentication

2- Factor Authentication

We add another security later. When anyone login or registers he will need to confirm it through the confirmation email or message through 2FA.

Our Threat Detection Method

You can react to a rupture in security if you get to know it early and be notified; this is called threat detection. We let you get aware at whatever point something has turned out bad in your WordPress website.


Our WordPress security services has cutting edge dual security plan, server-side, and remote scanner ceaselessly slide through your WordPress site for issues.


Our scanner additionally embraces integrity checks. Integrity checks are significant in reviewing WordPress installation, as it can enable you to know when some great records have abruptly turned corrupt.

Integrity Checks

Scan to monitor all the security factors.

Cutting Edge Dual Security Plan

No chance of any errors or flaws.

wordpress security services



We'll Recover your Hacked WordPress Website

Getting your website hacked is a stressed thing! You might be thinking that you have lost your business and have no idea how to get it back. No worries! we are here to recover your hacked WordPress website.


TechUp Solutions Pvt. Ltd. have encountered hacking issues, even our own website receives 100s of attacks everyday. However, our WordPress security experts are experienced in safeguarding websites and recovering the hacked websites.

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Questions You Want To Know

We warmly welcome the queries from our clients. Please ask as many questions as you can! We’re here to answer all of your confusions about our WordPress website security service.

What information I need to provide you?

We will need the following to get started?

  1. We need the wp-admin login
  2. hosting login

Do I need to buy any security plugin?

No, you don’t need to buy any sort of premium plugin. TechUp Solutions Pvt. Ltd. constantly monitor the security and take instant actions to avoid the additional costs.

What are the best WordPress security services?

TechUp Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the trusted WordPress security services providers. There are other similar services available in the market. But let’s compare ours with others we use a number premium plugins for free, 24/ 7 support, dedicated work promise are some attributes that make us stand out from others.

Is it guaranteed to be secure?

Yes it is 100% guaranteed with refund policy.
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