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The success in your niche highly depends on the competitive kw research, that’s where our effective SEO keyword research service comes into place.

Our experienced keyword researchers work hard to brainstorm the trending, effective, low competition and highly converting keywords to make your campaigns drive handsome revenue for your business.

seo keyword research service

Our KW Research Techniques are Forged By Algorithms on How Human Think

In this modern era where the traditional forms are overtook by the advanced Google Rankbrain algorithms to pick the user intent out of a searching keyword. TechUp Solutions keyword research team provides the highly lead generative SEO keyword research service rich in users demographics, keywords data, ranking opportunities, and the competitors outranking ideas.

Our Keywords Report Includes

Target Audience Demographics

Target Audience Demographics

Understanding the user's search intent with his location is highly important in terms of generating leads.
monthly search volume

Monthly Search Volume

The highly searching keyword (with 50,000 search volume) has more traffic opportunities than an average one.
competitor research

Competition & KW Difficulty

Competitors analysis and keyword difficulty will be analyzed to provide the easily ranking KWs.
rich snippet optimization

Rich Snippet Opportunities

We (in our SEO keyword research service) provide enough opportunities to get the featured snippets in the SERPs.
google trends filteration

Goolge Trends Filteration

The keywords list is filtered through the latest traffic trends (Google Trends) which makes the data more valuable.
local keyword research

Local SEO Keyword Research

Local market organizations working in a specific area requires different applications in terms of KW research.

Our Keyword Research Process

We identify a comprehensive list of keywords universe in your niche. Then the step follows with funneling, mapping, and tracking. Since researching and covering each keyword is not practically possible, so we make sure to choose specific near your niche that guarantee highest chances of business generation.

  • Identifying your Audience Interest
  • Expanding the List
  • Prioritizing the list
  • Categorizing the KW list
  • Mapping them with content
  • Refining the list from time to time

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We warmly welcome the queries from our clients. Please ask as many questions as you can! We’re here to answer all of your confusions about our SEO keyword research service.

What I need to provide you?

You will need to provide the idea basically on which you’re going to or still working. Moreover, you can schedule an appointment or request for a free quote.

How much you charge for SEO keyword research service?

Well, it totally depends on the size of your business, demands, competitiveness and your goal. Reach out to us to get a free proposal, or schedule an online appointment.

What types of KW research services do you provide? For example: PPC, SEM, eCommerce, product pages, blog, etc?

Yes, we provide keyword research services to all the niches.

Why is keyword research important in SEO?

SEO keyword research for your website is not only important, but critical. According to the reports, the buyers spend a lot of time to compare different contents to make a purchase. TechUp Solutions professionals carry out an extensive research in understanding your market demands to potentially convert those visitors into the sales.

What keyword research tools do you use?

We work a long with a manual analysis to advanced keyword research tool. Here are some of the kw tools we use:

  • Keyword Everywhere
  • Google Search
  • Google Trends
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Moz
  • Ahrefs
  • Majestic
  • KW Finder
  • Answer The Public

Why should I choose TechUp Solutions Pvt Ltd.?

We are in the market for too long to serve our clients need. You will be entertained with the quality services in a shorter period of time.
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